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Wëreldbänd wins international prize

Five star success for SLÄPSTICK at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Dutch music-theatre group Wëreldbänd has won the prestigious Spirit of the Fringe Award at the international Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. This award is the cherry on the cake after an extremely successful month at the festival. Amongst more than four thousand other theatre makers, the Wëreldbánd quickly became the talk of the town: four and five star reviews in the Scottish national press brought in six thousand audience members, all eager to experience SLÄPSTICK.

The Fringe is the largest theatre festival in the world: every year in August around 53,000 productions take place in the Scottish capital. The five-man Wëreldbänd managed to stand out from the rest and really make an impression. Just as in the Dutch press, where SLÄPSTICK received critical acclaim, the group was embraced in Scotland with great enthusiasm. A series of reviews lauded the craftsmanship of the group, its universal humour and the tightness of the show. What the Wëreldbänd has really whipped up is an excitement for a rediscovered genre: (musical) slapstick. Nostalgia for the time of Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, and the Marx Brothers, and an amazement at the innovation of these Dutchmen have both captured public interest.

The reviews, the award, and the audience numbers piqued the interest of a large number of international bookers. This brought the Wëreldbänd closer to their primary goal: an international breakthrough. Over the coming years, we expect SLÄPSTICK to be programmed across many international festivals and stages.

The award ceremony for the Spirit of the Fringe Award takes place on Sunday August 27. That evening, Wëreldbänd will perform their last show in the Assembly George Square Theatre in Edinburgh, before returning to the Netherlands. In December The Wëreldbänd will spend December 2017 performing at the Weltweihnachtscircus in Stuttgart.

In 2018 SLÄPSTICK will be returning to Dutch theatres and they will hit the international stages in Germany and the UK. Outside of the Netherlands they will USE their International name  "SLÄPSTICK".

SLÄPSTICK - Press quotes from the national newspapers:

de Volkskrant ***** | "A phenomenal production. The five performers refer to rich traditions whilst being unbelievably innovative."

Trouw *****| "How wonderful that the five extraordinary musicians of the Wëreldbänd are making an ode to an almost forgotten art form: slapstick. And they do it magnificently. A deep bow for the craftsmanship of the Wëreldbänd."

NRC **** | "music hall style at a ridiculously high level."


Theaterkrant **** |"an unmissable addition to the current theatre programming."

Combining rich tradition and unbelievable innovation, a five star show!

In SLÄPSTICK the Wëreldbänd present an ode to musical comedy: from the medieval troubadour to Spike Jones, from the Marx Brothers to Grock. Inspired by these revered predecessors, the Wëreldbänd create their own music hall whilst giving a special twist to famous scenes from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. The result is a show of musical virtuosity, emotion and humour, from the biggest to the very smallest, in technicolour and black and white, and above all – SLÄPSTICK!


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