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Wëreldbänd: five masterful performers. Together, they play more than one hundred musical instruments! This, combined with their wonderful sense of absurdity and rapid-fire sense of humor, makes them truly world class entertainers. A Wëreldbänd show is a whirlwind of musical, comic, and acrobatic discoveries, that continually delights and surprises audiences. Where else can you see artists tap-dancing on skis, jumping rope while playing guitar, or making music out of plastic coffee cups?

For more information, please contact Amsterdam Artist Management, Elselinda Schouten:
Telephone: +31 6 20 361 376
Email: elselinda@amsterdamartistmanagement.nl

SLÄPSTICK - Press quotes from the national newspapers:

de Volkskrant ***** | "A phenomenal production. The five performers refer to rich traditions whilst being unbelievably innovative."

Trouw *****| "How wonderful that the five extraordinary musicians of the Wëreldbänd are making an ode to an almost forgotten art form: slapstick. And they do it magnificently. A deep bow for the craftsmanship of the Wëreldbänd."

NRC **** | "music hall style at a ridiculously high level."


Theaterkrant **** |"an unmissable addition to the current theatre programming."

Combining rich tradition and unbelievable innovation, a five star show!

In SLÄPSTICK the Wëreldbänd present an ode to musical comedy: from the medieval troubadour to Spike Jones, from the Marx Brothers to Grock. Inspired by these revered predecessors, the Wëreldbänd create their own music hall whilst giving a special twist to famous scenes from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. The result is a show of musical virtuosity, emotion and humour, from the biggest to the very smallest, in technicolour and black and white, and above all – SLÄPSTICK!